Brand Consulting

·Brand Auditing

·Market Survey & Analyze

·Brand Positioning

·Market Entry Strategy

·Management Change

·Distribution and Partners Auditing

  • Brand Auditing
  • Market Survey & Analyze
  • Brand Positioning
  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Management Change
  • Distribution and Partners Auditing

Integrated Marketing

· Uni-CRM and integrated brand marketing plan

· 4A grade of VDM, photo shooting and video making etc.

Photograph Studio occupies 1,000sqm, equipped with global top devices, providing the 4A grade customized service including planning, photo shooting, video making and cutting etc.


Integrated media planning, buying and analyze


Product Launching and intelligent replenishment management


Marketing campaigns execution for online and offline

Store Operation

·Brand official website, wechat official accounts setup and operation

·Launch the stores on Tmall, JD, VIP and other market places and manage the operations

·Open the offline stores, merchandise and store management and etc.

·Franchisee and agency channel management

·CRM accurate advertisement and operation

Logistic & Warehouse

·Self-owned constant temperature and
humidity, high-standard automatic warehouse.

·Provide professional and efficient logistic
services, supporting the integrated
merchandise and supply chain management foronline and offline.

IT Support

Baiqiu Futail IT solution helps the brand to realize the omni-channel digital management.

·Omni-CMS, the core platform managing the integrated merchandise, stock, order and members

·Omni-Retail, supporting official online websites, market places and offline store management and

·Omni-WMS, realizing 2C and 2B two different delivery and replenishment models, and making stock management

·Omni-CRM, integrated uni-CRM, realizing the CRM data dig out and digital operation in crossing-channels

·Omni-BI, the platform collecting and analyzing the retail data of omni-channels and the whole chain

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