Baiqu's 30,000m² Logistics Center Officially Launched


Recently, Baiqiu's 30,000m² logistics center in Jiaxing, focused on providing customized and automated holistic logistics services for its clients, officially began operations. Baiqiu E-Commerce, a company that provides a wide range of e-commerce services, has from the start been committed to providing professional, high efficiency one-stop services to its clients.

Baiqiu CEO John Liu, Vice Presidents Hu ShaoQun and Billy Qiu, and representatives from other companies attended the logistics center opening ceremony. During the ceremony, CEO John Liu spoke of the history of Baiqiu’s logistics operations, and shared his vision to eventually increase the center’s storage space to 60,000m², in addition to continue modernizing and updating logistics methods, becoming a standard for luxury products’ logistics services.

Baiqiu has also invested heavily in the technology for its new logistics center, including a revised and upgraded software system, the newest automated systems in the industry, interlinked services between storage areas, and automated package sorting. From its fire safety, anti-theft installments, automated sorting and delivery systems, to its constant temperature, constant humidity, dust free storage area specially designed for luxury goods and quality inspection and maintenance workshops, as well as its high level security professional experts and team of experienced specialists, the new logistics center demonstrates Baiqiu’s comprehensive strengths.

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